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25+ Real-World Applications Using WebGL

Whenever I’ve tried to explain the fascination of WebGL I failed to think of examples apart from demos, experiments and games. Since then I’ve done research and collected 25 inspiring real-world applications using WebGL/WebVR.

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Game State with RxJS 5/Immutable.js

This is the second part in a series on creating a game with RxJS 5, Immutable.js and three.js. We’ll look into describing the game state with RxJS 5 observables and Immutable.js. The goal of this part is to have a stream of objects, where each object is an Immutable.js collection that represents the whole game state at a particular point in time.

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Game Loop with RxJS 5/Immutable.js

This is the first part in a series on creating a game with RxJS 5, Immutable.js and three.js. We’ll look into how to create a basic game loop, which serves as a starting point for further development of the game project.

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WebGL 3D Model Viewer Using three.js

You can create a WebGL 3D model viewer in just a few lines of code using three.js. This tutorial shows you all you need to get started. The final code is on GitHub and you can see the viewer in action showing a low-poly model that I made for an unfinished Space Western game.

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Functional Reactive Game Programming – RxJS Breakout

Functional Reactive Programming is currently one of the hottest paradigms in the JavaScript community. I played with RxJS over the last couple of weeks and decided that there is no better way to dive into it than recreating a classic game. Computer games infamously store a lot of external state and my goal was to model everything as streams without relying on a single external state variable.

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Rendering Low-Poly Hair in Unity

This article leads you through my experience a few weeks ago. Let’s say you have modeled and textured hair for your low-poly character and want to drop it into Unity. After importing your mesh you play with the different rendering modes of the default material and come to the conclusion that they all give you unsatisfactory results. You then settle on the Cutout rendering mode and cringe while noticing the backface culling, causing most of your hair mesh to disappear.

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How to Design an Indie Game Logo in Illustrator

I am currently working on a game prototype with a few friends and we settled on a slightly ridiculous title. To announce our project in a way that it deserves I have created a logo that represents the over the top experience we are aiming for. Several people have asked me how the logo was created, so here you have a short tutorial on how to design an indie game logo in Illustrator.

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Manuel Wieser, BSc MA

I’m an experienced front-end developer and versatile digital artist. I’m into building websites and creating content for real-time rendering, film and animation. I’m also a bearded hacker making games with my friends.

You can contact me via GitHub, Twitter or [email protected].

I’m currently working as a technical lead and full-stack web developer for, making software that helps people find the job of their dreams.