Functional Reactive Game Programming – RxJS 5, Immutable.js and three.js

Last year I played with RxJS to expand my programming horizon and learn about functional reactive programming in JavaScript. I had recreated Breakout using streams and written about my experience as a beginner to RxJS. The release of RxJS 5 encouraged me to build on that knowledge and recreate yet another game, this time using RxJS 5, Immutable.js and WebGL/three.js. The game is a clone of Telegram’s Corsairs, which is available through their Bot Platform.

In this series of blog posts I will explain the most interesting parts of this project and share solutions to the problems I have encountered. Please revisit my blog in the following months if you are interested in using RxJS alongside three.js for games. You will find the full source code on GitHub, which you can fork and adapt or take as an inspiration for your own projects.

I have presented the current progress of this project at the Stahlstadt.js meetup on June 7. Then this year’s great summer prevented me from writing about it. The game already has about 500 lines of code at this stage, which is why I have decided to start my first three-part blog post series:

The game is missing a few things I want to implement. As soon as I am done writing about the existing code it might therefore turn into a five-part series:

  • three.js The Wind Waker’s Cartoon Water Shader
  • three.js Explosion with Particles/Sprites

The series is intended to help fellow developers who try to achieve similar goals. Keep in mind, that I am also constantly learning. If you have improvement suggestions or spot an error please don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment section or on Twitter.

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Manuel Wieser, BSc MA

I’m an experienced front-end developer and lead developer for cross-functional Scrum/Kanban teams. I’ve recently transitioned to engineering management, trying to make everyone on my team an even better developer than myself.

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