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Introducing “Japanese Phrasebook”

For the last few weeks I have built an open-source Japanese Phrasebook app optimized for travel and offline usage. The app’s content is nearly 700 phrases from Wikitravel, transformed to a structured data model. This blog post explains my motivation and outlines what I am trying to achieve with this project.

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A/B Testing Using Google Analytics

A/B testing allows you to continually improve your product’s user experience or various sales and marketing KPIs, as long as your goals are well-defined and you have a clear hypothesis. This article does not tell you why you should do A/B testing, but focuses on how to track the test and analyze its result using JavaScript and Google Analytics.

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5 Chrome Developer Tools Features You Should Start Using Today

Developers use the Chrome DevTools on a regular basis. However, most developers limit themselves to a few features that are familiar to them — like changing CSS styles or checking JavaScript errors. It pays off to explore and discover new tools. In this post I’ll show you 5 features you may not yet know, but which I find very helpful in my work.

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Thoughts on Linear Gradients That Resemble Images

When Harry Roberts posted Improving Perceived Performance with Multiple Background Images he called for automation of his process. As you can see in my own Dominant Colors for Lazy-Loading Images the topic is dear to me, so I went and over-engineered Harry’s concept for fun in the past month.

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Slides for My Talk About Dominant Colors at Stahlstadt.js

I gave a colorful talk about the topics covered in my article Dominant Colors for Lazy-Loading Images at this month’s Stahlstadt.js. The slides are on Speakerdeck and the accompanying code snippets are on GitHub. If you have any feedback, comments or questions, please get in touch with me.

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Dominant Colors for Lazy-Loading Images

Pinterest, Google Images and lots of image-heavy sites lazy-load their content. They also calculate the dominant color of each image to use as a placeholder. This post presents a few methods to do the same and helps you understand the GIF file format to make the most of data URIs.

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Manuel Wieser, BSc MA

I’m an experienced front-end developer and lead developer for cross-functional Scrum/Kanban teams. I’ve recently transitioned to engineering management, trying to make everyone on my team an even better developer than myself.

You can contact me via GitHub, Twitter or [email protected].

I’m currently working as the Head of Front-End Development for in Linz, making software that helps people find the job of their dreams.