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Web Push Notifications

Developers use push notifications to engage and retain users. Unfortunately, sending push notifications on the open web was difficult in the past. It has become simpler in 2017. This tutorial shows you a complete working example to get you started. The final code is on GitHub and you'll find a video demonstrating how you can send your first push notification.

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“Why Do You Need so Many Developers?”

I am currently working for as a full-stack web developer, leaning more towards design than algorithms and data structures. I have the pleasure of working with 18 other developers, which is why we are often asked at events and meetups what all of those developers actually do all day at our company. Recent graduates and students – as well as experienced developers – know as Austria’s leading job search site and wonder why running it is such a demanding and complex task. But is far more than just a job search site. This is why I wrote an article (in German, I’m afraid) to give fellow developers a short overview.

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Manuel Wieser

I’m an experienced front-end developer and versatile digital artist. I’m into building websites and creating content for real-time rendering, film and animation. I’m also a bearded hacker making games with my friends.

You can contact me via GitHub, Twitter or [email protected].

I’m currently working as a full-stack web developer for, making software that helps people find the job of their dreams.